Covid-19 Info

Here is what we're doing to limit the spread of Covid-19.


No-Contact pickup and delivery. During the pandemic, we are committed to have no in-person contact with our customers. After you order, we'll send you a text or email to let you know your order is ready to pick up. If you order delivery, we will deliver, ring your doorbell, and leave.


We extend this commitment to our drop partners. If you pick up from a drop partner, your order will be on a shelf on their porch, or similar, with your name on it. No interaction with the host is needed.


Clean baking. We bake in a commercial kitchen. All work surfaces are cleaned and sterilized with EcoLab products between use. Bread is baked at close to 500F, to an internal temperature of 210F. This kills any pathogens that find their way into the dough. We wash our wares (dough scrapers, mixing bowls, mixer components, etc) in a commercial 3-stage high-temperature dishwasher. The 3rd stage is a sanitizer.


Clean packaging. After baking, we cool the bread on stainless steel racks, then package it in microperf plastic (which protects the crust).


Personal hygene. I wash my hands per health department guidelines after any potential contamination and before handling dough. I take my temperature daily. When I'm not baking or purchasing supplies, I shelter in place with my family.


Limited exposure. The bread is handled only by me until it is packaged. It is handled by me and my wife as we assemble your order.


More information. Here is a good chart from North Carolina State University explaining the risks of takeout and delivered food. Here is an excellent comprehensive guide to Food Safety and Covid-19 from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt at Serious Eats. He explains why food is an unlikely transmission method for Covid-19.

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